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About us

Beta Tester, USER, eventual Owner

It started with a tweet. 

A simple request for beta users to give feedback on a new AI content generator, called Cuppa.  

That was in April, 2023. It was perfect timing as I was testing as many AI content generators as possible. Right away, I saw the strength of the output with the prompt series and the simplicity of it all. On top of that, BYOK was super attractive as it lowers your costs multiple times over compared to current services out there. 

Fast forward to May 24th, 2023, and I’m the new owner of Cuppa. We took over the code on the 25th and haven’t looked back since. 

We look forward to building Cuppa with you. 

delvering value to our customers

We have a lot on the roadmap. But our goal is simple, to deliver a simple and seamless AI content generator for our customers. 

Ian built a strong foundation, now we are working to enhance it. 

New features are coming soon. Have suggestions? Please click Roadmap at the header to see the details.